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Thanks this #GivingTuesday

Will you donate today to help us reach our goal?

 November 28th is #GivingTuesday and we are taking this opportunity to “paws” and reflect on all that we’ve been able to accomplish this year while dreaming about everything we’ll be able to accomplish next year with your help!

This Giving Tuesday, we are reaching out to our compassionate community to support a crucial project at Bellwether Harbor. Our dog kennels, which have faithfully provided shelter and comfort to countless furry friends, are in need of a makeover.

Over the years, the wear and tear, combined with the strong cleaning solutions we use to maintain a safe environment for our dogs, have taken a toll on the kennel paint. The peeling paint not only poses a safety concern for our furry residents but also opens the door to potential health hazards. Viruses, diseases, and germs can find refuge beneath the weakened paint, threatening the well-being of our beloved animals.

To address this urgent matter, we’ve obtained a quote from a professional painter, and the estimated cost to repaint the kennels is approximately over $30,000. This quote covers both labor and supplies necessary to ensure a thorough and safe repainting process.

Here’s where you come in!

The Fremont Area Foundation is generously offering to match $.50 for every $1 donated, up to $9,000. Your contribution will go twice as far in making our kennels a safe haven for our four-legged friends.

Why is this so important?

Apart from providing a fresh and clean environment for our dogs, repainting is mandated by the Department of Agriculture to maintain a high standard of safety and hygiene in animal shelters.

How can you help?

On this Giving Tuesday, we are asking for your support. Your donation, no matter the size, will make a significant impact. Let’s come together as a community to raise the $30,000 needed to repaint our dog kennels and keep our animals safe and sound.

Donate now and make a difference, your support matters!

Thank you for considering a donation to Bellwether Harbor. Together, we can create a safer and more comfortable space for our furry friends.

Bellwether Harbor