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Adoption Policies

Adoption is defined as a means of transfer of ownership, with or without remuneration, of a dog, cat or ferret from an animal control shelter or animal protection shelter to an individual for the purpose of being a companion animal for that individual. As used in the Public Act, a companion animal includes but is not limited to a dog that is used for hunting or as a guard dog.

Bellwether Harbor makes no representation, warranty, or guarantee as to the health, temperament or mental disposition of any animal as most animals come to the foundation with minimal, if any, documentation defining background history.

Qualifications to Adopt an Animal

  • Only compassionate persons who have demonstrated the knowledge and ability to take care of the animal in question and have successfully completed an interview with a qualified Bellwether Harbor employee may adopt an animal.
  • All animals currently in the adopter’s care must be fixed and up to date on vaccines as show by records from a licensed veterinarian.
  • A person who adopts an animal from the shelter agrees to give the animal proper and humane care, food, water, shelter, exercise and all other necessities.
  • A person who adopts an animal from the shelter agrees to have the animal examined by a licensed veterinarian within thirty (30) days from the adoption date at their own expense.
  • A person who adopts an animal from the shelter agrees to provide veterinary care if the animal becomes ill or injured; and, will maintain all required veterinary inoculations for the prevention and spread of disease.
  • No person with a record of animal cruelty or failure of the interview process with a qualified Bellwether Harbor employee will be allowed to adopt an animal.

Conditions for Adoption

  • The animal adopted shall never be used for medical or any other experimental purposes.
  • All persons wanting to adopt an animal from the shelter must complete an adoption application form and be interviewed by a Bellwether Harbor employee or designate.
  •  Bellwether Harbor does not do same day adoptions. Please keep in mind multiple visits to the shelter may be required. This number is determined various factors including the potential adopter’s experience and the training level/potential behavior issues of the animal.
  • No animal shall be adopted as a “Gift”.
  • No animal shall be adopted to a strictly outdoor home.
  • No animal shall be adopted as a “Guard Dog”.

Privacy Policy

Bellwether Harbor is committed to maintaining the confidentiality, integrity and security of personal information entrusted to us.

We request specific information, such as name, address, phone number, etc., solely as a means of contacting you, responding to your requests, for adoption purposes, or for our own internal mailings. We do not compile, buy, sell, rent, or trade mailing lists to third parties.

Bellwether Harbor reserves the right to update or amend its policies regarding privacy at any time.

Bellwether Harbor complies with all regulations pertaining to the procedures of animal Adoption as enacted by the Michigan Department of Agriculture Animal Industry Division, Act No. 287, Public Acts of 1969, as amended. Number 287.331, Section 1(a).

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