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Here are some things to remember when looking for your new family pet:

  • The animal you want to adopt will be with you and your family for its entire life.
    It is a long term commitment!
  • Think about your lifestyle. Which dog or cat will be the best match for how you live your life?
  • Do your homework! Research the type of animal and the specific breed you are interested in and learn about their needs and their behaviors.
  • Take into consideration the expense of food, shelter, toys, and also the cost of annual and emergency veterinary care. You will be financially responsible for the animal you adopt.

For a better understanding of our requirements for adopting, view the following link: “Adoptions”

There are several ways for you to view the dogs and cats on-line that are available for adoption. We have provided a couple links to Petfinder and Petango These are just a few of the many sites available to find your pet. Try the site below and enjoy your search.

“Click Petfinder or Petango Logo” To View Our Shelter Animals Online Pet Adoption & More. Welcome a homeless pet into your home!

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