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GPS and Cellular signal conditions in the wild are always changing. The Fi Collar is “smart” and is able to detect bad signal conditions to save battery. If your dog ever escapes, a few extra days of battery life can be the difference between prompt, safe recovery and an endless, stressful search for your companion.

Battery life is determined by the mode the collar is in:
• IN HOME MODE: Up to 3 months
• WALK OUTSIDE HOME: Up to 2 months
• ACTIVE DOGS: Up to 3 weeks
• LOST DOG MODE: Up to 2 days

Fi has a built in LED light that can be customized to your pup’s favorite color for added visibility in low light situations.

Fi uses three constellations of satellites to maximize the tracking speed and accuracy of the Fi Collar. GPS accuracy can get as accurate as 7 ft radius in open sky.

Fi is the first tracking collar to use the LTE-M cellular network to communicate GPS information. LTE-M is a new technology for low power, long distance communications. LTE-M signal reaches about 30% farther than 3G/4G/5G/LTE networks.

The most important factor in a dog’s recovery is the speed at which you are notified of the escape. Fi uses proprietary algorithms to detect when your dog escapes from your backyard. It is the fastest, most accurate way to be notified when your dog escapes and to find your dog after an escape.

IP69 Waterproof Rating—the Fi Collar was tested for a 30 minute complete immersion at 1.5m deep in water as well as spray salt water resistance. So your dog can have a blast and you don’t worry about a thing.

Fi’s Lost Dog Mode reunites you with your pup quicker than ever by updating their location in real-time and flashing the LED light in red to make your dog more visible.

Set up safe zones like “Home” or “Vet” so you always know where your dog is.

Track your dog’s location from the Fi app and connect with other Fi users in your neighborhood.

For individuals interested in a Fi GPS Collar but not adopting from Bellwether Harbor, we have a unique discount code for them. For every two collars purchased using this unique code, Fi will donate a Rescue Kit back to Bellwether Harbor.

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