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Seniors for Seniors Foster Program


Cats become a senior at seven-years-old. Senior animals are often overlooked. The Seniors for Seniors Foster Program allows people 55 and older to foster these cats in their home. Participating in this program offers many benefits for humans as well as the animals!

The Seniors for Seniors Foster Program strives to provide a comfortable and nurturing atmosphere for our senior cats and give senior citizens a chance to enjoy the unconditional love that a senior cat can offer. Bellwether Harbor will provide the supplies the cat will need. Participants in the program will provide the care, companionship, and attention.

If you’re interested in participating in our Seniors for Seniors Foster Program or have any questions please contact:

Mikayla Savage, Adoption Coordinator

Bellwether Harbor

7645 W. 48th St., PO Box 475

Fremont, MI  49412


Phone: 231-924-9230 ext. 4


Click here to fill out a foster application 

This program is partially funded by:

Do I qualify for the program?

Designed for seniors age 55 and older. Must be able to provide 24-hour animal care.

My income is limited, is there a cost to participate?

$15 participation fee*

Where do I start?

Contact the shelter either by phone or email and request an application.

I am concerned about transportation. Is transportation provided?

We plan to partner with the Commission on Aging to provide transportation, if needed.

I live in an assisted living center, can I participate in this program?

We are happy to work with your administrators. Please check with them about your pet policy.

My cat is coming home with me! What happens now?

Once the cat has been brought to your home, staff will contact you periodically to inquire about daily care and concerns, the cat’s food and supply needs, and wellness visits.

What if  I have a medical emergency?

In the event of an emergency, your designated person will contact the shelter and we will work out the best plan of action.

*If needed we can work with you on fees.

  • Scientific studies have proven that pets improve mood and reduce stress.
  • A shelter setting can be taxing on senior animals, especially to the ones that were raised in a home.
  • Senior animals are often overlooked in the shelter despite their good manners.
  • Senior pets are content with a more relaxed lifestyle, they can be less active and demanding than a younger animal.