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Q) What is the process to adopt of dog or cat from Bellwether Harbor?

A) First, we ask that you fill out an application that lets us check vet references, speak to landlords and do all of the background work before speaking with you. Then, we will proceed with a phone interview. During the interview a visit will be scheduled for you to meet the pet you’re interested in. Learn more information about the process.

Q) How long does it take to get a dog or cat?

A) It depends on the pet and the family. Sometimes, it takes several visits depending on the pet’s personality and training level. We will not send an animal home until both the new family and the pet are comfortable with each other and responding to each other.

Q) Why can’t I pick out a dog or cat and take it home with me today?

A) We feel that it is important for a family to see all facets of a pet’s personality before bringing it into their homes. It also lets us show you what training we have been doing with this pet and how to continue that on. Several visits also allow the pet and their new family create a bond before ever leaving the shelter. Gaining a new family member can be stressful for everyone involved and those initial visits help create a bond and smooth the path for a new beginning for your newly expanded family.

Q) How much does it cost? Why do you charge a fee for adoptions?

A) We do charge an adoption fee of


Cats/Kittens (less than 7 years) $95.00

Senior Cats (older than 7 years) $85.00


Puppies (less than 6 months old) $205.00

Adult Dogs (6 months to less than 7 years) $185.00

Senior Dogs (7 years and older) $160.00

. This fee helps us pay for the care that this animal has received while in our care. All of our pets are spayed or neutered and up to date on vaccines. We have also done age appropriate blood work including feline leukemia or heart worm tests. All of our dogs are also micro chipped before leaving the shelter.

Q) What is a micro chip and what does it do?

A) A micro chip is a small device about the size of a grain of rice that is inserted under the skin between the shoulder blades. It acts like a permanent id tag. Micro chips are not GPS devices and cannot be used to track a dog that is lost. They can help get your dog back home to you if they somehow end up at a shelter or vet’s office. Micro chip we currently use and offer is 24 PetWatch.

Q) Adopt out of state?

A) Yes, we welcome out of state applications and adoptions. To streamline the process we recommend you fill out an application and wait for us to contact you before scheduling your trip. We will generally complete as much as possible by phone and or email before the trip takes place.

Q) Adopt same day if I live in another state?

A) While we do not do same day adoptions many of our out of area adopters choose to make an overnight trip staying in our area. This allows the family to meet and work with the pet, take some time to think it over, and then come back the next day to meet with and adopt their new best friend. Our cats and most of our dogs can be adopted in this manner. Occasionally under certain circumstances more visits will be required. This will be discussed further during our phone interview. Please keep in mind, even with our out of area visits, the entire household must be present at some point. We will also require other dogs in the home to come for a “meet and greet” if interested in a canine adoption.

Q) What if it doesn’t work out?

A) Our goal is to have your new addition become a permanent member of your family. We feel a little extra work before the adoption helps with the new pets’ transition into the home go much more smoothly. We are always available for consultation or training once the pet is in the home. In the past we have done phone consultations, home visits and shelter re-training. If a behavioral issue surfaces we ask the family contact us for help. We understand sometimes circumstances occur which are beyond your control and if we have room we will take the animal back into the shelter. If we do not have room, we will help you to find a home for your pet. We ask that you show us you have exhausted your options as well.

Q) Do I need a fenced yard?

A) In most cases, as a general rule we do not require a fenced yard to process an adoption. Some individual dogs, due to personality, may prove to be an exception to this rule. Please note that some municipalities may have specific fencing requirements.

Q) Can we adopt more than one animal at a time?

A) With cats and kittens we welcome and encourage the adoption of two compatible individuals. Most cats benefit from the companionship of another cat. We do not however adopt multiple dogs at the same. Bellwether feels it’s important to take the time to bond with and train your new family member. If you are interested in adopting multiple dogs we recommend you take several months before coming back for another.

Bellwether Harbor does not do same day adoptions. If you have any other questions please CONTACT US.

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